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How does Aquakristalb stays in my pool for a long time ?
Aquakristalb is not volatile like other chemicals . It only reduces while preventing bacterias , also ratio will decreas if you have any lekage in your pool or circulation system ( daily over than %0.3 ) , because of this it has a long life time .

Do I need to use any other chemicals while using Aquakristal-b ?
You just need to balance the pH value, Aquakristal-b does the rest for you. Ideal pH level for swimmers are 6,8-7,2 ppm .

What is the usage frequency of Aquakristal-b
Aquakristalb is one and only pool disinfection chemical while cleans your swimming pool while not damaging your health. Affectiveness of aquakristalb is depending on climate conditons, usage of swimming pool and proper infastructure. İt is observed that aquakristalb is affective at least 4 weeks in heavly used pools such as hotel and public pools and up to 14 weeks in barely used pools such as private pools. Aquakristalb has its own testing system for you to check and keep your pool clean with sufficient amount of product or check every 15 days and top up with sufficient amount of product.

Is it enough just to use aquakristalb in every types of pool and usage frequency
According to pool building regulations; every pool must be circulate in 4 hours and must be calculated 7000 liters of water per 1 person.
Swimming Pools with out these standards, will be able keep up with its cleaning system so it will cause to pile up organic waste and bluring in the swimming pool.
In this case, pool operator uses oxidizer to break up these wastes and clear up the water, but this is nothing but spreading the waste in smaller frangments. Your pool will still be as dirty as it was.
For example; a 300 tons swimming pool disinfecting with chlorine need 3kg of chlorine during the regular usage with assuming 20 people swimming at the same time, during the peek hour when usage frequency rise up to 4 times than the regular, chlorine amount must be used 10 kg fort he same pool. The reason of this is heavily usage and improper filtration.
You need to support Aquakristal-b with some oxidizer to absorve the lackness of circulation system and filtiration . Same as above, regular usage of the pool ( 7000lt per swimmer ) is not going to need any oxidixer support . However if the pool is overused in that case you should use %10 of the regular usage of other oxidizer ( chlorine ). It means in our sample pool we need to use 1 Kg at the over used times ( weekends , specially if it is public pool )


May I use Aquakristalb as a winter protection for my pool ?
For sure , becaouse Aqauakristal-b doing long term disinfection specially at the off season .Aquakristal-B will prevent from algea during the winter time .( 6-7 months)

How can I trust Aquakristal-b ?
Aquakristal-b is registered by Health organizations and regional government health certificated . Also Aquakristal-b is the “Biocide product “ certificated whi