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Aquakristal-B is certificated and approved by Turkish and International Health organizations for the use of swimming pool disinfection..


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* It is the best solution against Algae, mildew, fungus.
* Because it is sufficient amount usage it will not couse any chemical pollution.
* Aquakristalb prevents the formtion of higly cancerogent chloromine. Read More....




1. It’s odor and materials produced within are carcinogen .
2. In case of eye contact to chlorine causes irritation in eyes and skin, also major sickness like eczema.
3. Chlorine causes fadeout in swimsuits and all other accessories.
4. Chlorine: sunlight, heat and pH Chlorine losses its effectiveness by direct contact to sun light.. Read More....


Salt electrolysis system has other names such as salt chlorinators and the salt-water chlorinator. Salt electrolysis system just supplies the hypochlorite acid and this means you need to apply salt electrolysis system to the pool system and than add enough rock salt to the pool water and system. Through this electrolysis system chlorine converts to sodium hypochlorite and disinfects the water. Read More...