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1. It’s odor and materials produced within are carcinogen .

2. In case of eye contact to chlorine causes irritation in eyes and skin, also major sickness like eczema.

3. Chlorine causes fadeout in swimsuits and all other accessories.

4. Chlorine: sunlight, heat and pH Chlorine losses its effectiveness by direct contact to sun light, heat and pH, for this reason they add stabilizer to the chlorine and this makes it highly toxic chemical.

5. Because of unstable condition of chlorine you need to add frequently.

6. Chlorine misleads its user by its smell, even though chlorine completely dissolves and goes away from the water you can still smell it, and this leads user to make mistakes.

7. Chlorine loses its effectiveness especially when the pool is over used and reproduced lots of organic waste by swimmers. This causes distribution of sickness throughout the swimmers. Chemicals that used in pools can clean your pool but ıt ıs stıll dangerous for your health, for thıs reason chlorıne and bromine should be kept away from swimming pools.

8. Chlorine damages your swimming suits and accessories; just think what can do to you.
Carcinogen chemicals like chlorine, bromoform , and tetrachloride causes cancer and Chlorine that combine with these stuffs produces trihalometans.
Direct contact to chlorine can cause premature aging on skin, acne, eczema, melanoma, psoriasis and seborrhea. Inhalation of chlorine can cause damage to lung tissues.